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Easy tips to create a harmonious feng shui for your home

clutter-shui-sb10069485cc-001-resized Feng shui wisdom places a big importance on the center of your place, also called the Heart of the Home. It is a sacred feng shui energy spot from where all the other energies (called bagua areas) of your home originate. Keeping the center of your home clean, open and clutter-free is a must for

5 ways give better feng shui to your office cubicle

jamie-grill-cubicle Question: How Can I Create Good Feng Shui in My Office Cubicle? I am not sure how to improve the feng shui of my office cubicle. I do not feel good there, but cannot make any changes, the office desk and chair placement are set. How can one improve the feng shui of a cubicle-type